The humble nature of an individual in our company would serve you to the best and ensure that you return to your home with just one thought “I want to visit again”. The serenity of our country’s environment would definitely make you think just one thing-“That was just awesome”. The unique identity and the beautiful pattern of our national dress would only make you say “I want to buy one for myself”.

Our spicy dishes would make you eat more and the mystic sites in the country would let you remain amazed with your wide opened eyes and mouth for a minute or two. After all you are our most priority.


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Places To Visit In Bhutan

Bhutan is known famously as the first country in the world to measure progress based on happiness.


Punakha, the first state capital of the country and the winter residence of the Central Monastic Body is located in the middle  of the two running rivers which is named Pho Chhu and Mo Chhu from left and right of the fortress. It has the the majestic look with extraordinary design of the magnificent dzong (fortress). It is the place which attracts most of the tourist's heart. The place is considered as most historic one in the history of Bhutan. Every important occasions starts from that place including the Coronation and Royal Wedding ceremony. Any Royal Celebration starts from the place as it is so much connected with the Country's political history. It is the place where first king of the Kingdom of Bhutan was crowned by the representatives of the country in 1907. All the hereditary kings get crowned from the place. The fortress is the sign of Bhutan's independence and the start of Bhutan's peace and security under the rule of beloved kings which continues till date. 

The place is well known for site seeing an rafting along the rivers. It gives the historic scents of the country the time you enter into it. The people of Bhutan enjoys the historic beauty of the place especially during PUNAKHA TSHECHHU (FESTIVAL). The festival is known nation wide and the people around the country gather at the place to witness the grand festival.

The entire Tshecchu demonstrates about the history of Bhutan where it struggled for many years to defend the Tibetan wars. It also depicts the introduction of unique Bhutanese culture and tradition through traditional dances and mask dances. The beauty and the majestic location of the place will definitely give you a heart throbbing experience and feelings. this is an undoubted nature of the place. 


Bumthang is the religious heart of bhutan. there is no single tourist who return to their home without visiting bumthang. The time you are at the capital city and explore it, the next destination will be bumthang for every one. there is no doubt in that because the place itself is different. 

Bumthang is a place where most important religious places are located and it is also the place where most historic Buddhist Temples and Monasteries are built. Not only the tourists but also the people within the country strive to visit the place for its religious richness. Even the Bhutanese travel to Bumthang as an internal tourist purposefully to offer prayers and wishes in the Temples and Monasteries. In case of the location of the place, it is just like a plain plate place on the top of the mountains. Bumthang Valley is one another attraction for the people outside where it is seen so beautiful in between the green hills over looked by Jakar Dzong (Bumthang Fortress). Most religious and interesting festivals of Bumthang captures the heart of people in and out. The unique dish and its test would never send you out of the place. You may feel to dwell in the place for ever. The place is covered with pristine beautiful vegetation. 

Bumthang, is a place with religious richness where buddhist temples, caves, monasteries, lakes, sites and people are met. It is a place where many buddhist masters are born and reincarnated. Its small cute little town is surrounded by the overlooking religious sites. Bumthang is a warm place in a cold weather. You may experience it. 

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