Why US

Why choose us?

1.Unparalleled support

Thingscan go wrong; itís how we deal with these situations, which reallysets us apart. You will never be left alone to deal with asituation should one arise. We understand that you are far from home. You are our guest and we have a duty of care towards you. A licensedguide will always be by your side throughout your tour here inBhutan. Ourguides and trekking personnel are leaders in their respective fields.They have been carefully selected for their experience, knowledge,resourcefulness, courtesy and attention to detail that are allessential characteristics of a quality guide. They are all certifiedby the Tourism Council of Bhutan. Our guides are your guarantee toensuring that you experience the very best Bhutan has to offer, andthat your trip will run smoothly and seamlessly. Over the course ofyour tour they will become teachers, companions, and the best offriends. Youíll be in good hands.

Andyou or one person if you are in a group will be provided with a smartphone with a local sim to be able to communicate directly to theManager at the Office from remote locations. The clients we havelooked after in these situations are some of our most loyal.

2.Passionate and honest experts

Afterbeing in the business for years and a lifetime of living andtravelling in our destinations, we have developed a deep knowledgeand formed relationships with the most impressive experts in theirfields. We pride ourselves on being able to ask the right questionsso that you can trust we get exactly what youíre after.

3.Efficient and friendly service

Ourexpert team takes pride in their thoughtful approach to planning yourholiday here in Bhutan. We find out what you think might make itextra special, then sprinkle in our own special little touches (evena surprise to enjoy while youíre away) to help create your dreamholiday. It is at the core of our business values to make your Tripto Bhutan a Trip of a Life Time. It's the little things that make abig difference to your holiday. We rarely boast about our service butwe believe it's what sets us apart and makes us truly original thathopefully represent the attention to detail and thoughtfulness you'llreceive while you are travelling in Bhutan with Druk CountryExplorer. Our thoughtful team of knowledgeable experts is here totake care of every need, from the second you contact us to when youreturn.


Weaccommodate our guests in only the highest quality hotels andguesthouses that have been carefully selected for their comfort,service, ambience, cuisine, amenities, cleanliness and management. Webelieve that where you stay is ultimately as important as yourjourney.


Ourguestís meals are served in hotels and restaurants that arerecognized for their superior service, quality cuisine and hygiene.We frequently re-evaluate these restaurants with both randominspections and by referring to previous clients feedback. Meals areusually served buffet style with options including Bhutanese, Indian,vegetarian, and in larger townships Western and Chinese cuisine. Forsmaller groups of less than 4, there is also often an option to orderfrom al-a-carte menus.


Ourcontemporary ranges of vehicles are one of the highest quality fleetsin use in the Bhutan Tourism Industry. They are luxurious and areoperated by our highly trained and friendly drivers. Their experienceis particularly important when covering Bhutanís long distances andwinding roads. Vehicle types vary from 4WD SUVís and spaciousToyota station wagons to Toyota Coaster and Hiace buses.

4.Customised Itinerary

OurPersonalised, tailor-made tours put you in control. With Druk CountryExplorer every tour is private, flexible and customized to our guestsexact needs. Start and end your adventure whenever you want, make anyitinerary changes to suit your convenience. With your own vehicle,guide and driver, you are always in control.

Besidesproviding access to the best sightseeing on offer, we make sure thatyou really discover the customs and traditions of Bhutan. Hands-onparticipation in local activities, farmhouse experiences, visits toisolated temples and monasteries, receptions and performances willall contribute to your in-depth and exclusive experience of Bhutan.Our many years in operation have enabled us to establish the networkand knowledge that provide us with the upper hand in cultural toursand treks.

5.Responsible Tourism

Weare a proud contributor to RENEW, an NGO that looks after the rightsand welfare of Women, youth and Children in Bhutan. Hence, you arehelping to educate and empower women and protecting the rights ofchildren in Bhutan when you are travelling with Druk CountryExplorer! Besides, we are committed to protecting the environment,our cultural heritage and animal welfare.