BHUTAN is well known for its various unique festivals which happens for all seasons according to the time of the different regions of the country. Festivals are one of the centre attractions for the tourists. Several forms of Buddhist Festivals are major source of religious practices in Bhutan. 

The Mask Dances are performed differently in different parts of the country. The festivals varies from one region of the country to another and also with the culture of the specific regions. The mask dances are part of Buddhist prayers and practices performed for the betterment of all sentient beings and well being of the country. Thousands of people at a time of performance gather together to witness the festivals with devotion. This also becomes the part of social gathering and family togetherness seasonally. 

Bhutan is a place where festivals such as tshecchus and domchoes in every different part of the country is celebrated. This becomes the ture attraction to the foreigners.