Bhutan's culture to walk bare foot still exist Today. 

Bhutan's culture to cook on the mud oven still exist Today. 

Bhutan's culture of wearing national dress "Gho and Kira" is well Preserved. 

Bhutan's culture of speaking local dialects still exist. 

Bhutan's culture of pilgrimage is still practiced. 

Bhutan's culture of national architecture is promoted. 

Bhutan's culture of traditional dancing still exist Today. 

Briefly, looking into the aforementioned trend of culture in Bhutan which is well preserved on the path of country's modernization signifies the country's concern towards promotion of the unique culture. Bhutan's peculiar culture and tradition is different from any other parts of the world and plays a vital role in the country's uniqueness and tourists attraction. The Constitution of the Kingdom of Bhutan mandates the preservation and promotion of Culture in the country. Bhutan's independence is defined by its rich culture. 

Bhutan's cultural richness is one another reason for the foreigners amazement while arriving for the first time and it is the reason for the tourists to return home satisfied at the end.