Though many religious sects prevail in Bhutan, Buddhism is a state Religion of Bhutan. Two sects of Buddhism: Nyingmapa School and Kagyu School of Buddhism are the major religion followed in Bhutan. We call our country the nation of Buddhism. Bhutan is also known as the "Land of Glorious Drukpa" which is derived from the major religious sect of Drukpa Kagyu and the people are called "Drukpas". 

The country is from its origin rich in religion and all the past rulers were all the Buddhist Saints and Scholars. That is why Today we call our kings the Dharma Kings. Bhutan is a nation where the sacred religious sites, Buddhist temples and monasteries are well hidden in every nook and corner of the country. The mystic location and the magical view of the sacred religious places holds special place in the heart of all the people in the nation. This ultimately promotes the spread of Buddhism nation wide without any deterioration and desecration. 

The people in the country are all governed by the philosophy of buddhism which made every bhutanese humble and submissive in nature. Hospitality is part of our social life. Our social life in different parts of the country is shaped by buddhism, the state religion.